Refunds Policy: As soon as you hire us, our staff has been paid to target your ideal client, begun making your calendar/ custom images, and been added to our posting software. Once this process has begun the refund amount is 100% up to Fempire Marketing as to how much work has been paid for on their end. Once posting has officially started there is no refund options available.

Cancelation: You are not in a month to month obligation, we want you to stay because you are happy with our work and our progress. We however ask that you let us know within 7 days of your next month renewing so that your calendar for the next month is has not been started for creation.

By providing passwords and payment you are agreeing to these terms. Fempire Marketing.

Clients hold the responsibility of booking their own weekly calls with Fempire Marketing when they have questions or are seeking updates.

If clients do not supply Fempire Marketing with all needed content for posting they are not obligated to refund a portion of a contract. It is the clients responsibility to provide the needed tools that Fempire asks for in order to complete their service.